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Poland recalls its military attaché from Azerbaijan

Poland army

The order was signed by the Defense Minister of Poland Antoni Macierewicz. By decision of the Minister of Defence of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, Polish military attachés to the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Algeria were fired from their positions during the last half of the year.

Oxu.Az reports citing Rosbalt that their positions have not been occupied yet.

Moreover, the military attaché in Sweden and the UK also received orders to return to their homeland, but the decision was postponed until the beginning of July. It is still unknown who will take their positions.

According to the deputy of the “Law and Justice” party Marek Opole, responsible for contacts with parliamentarians of NATO, “the minister has the right to choose such attache to whom he will trust.” “Good training of officers takes a long time. Of course, the situation may cause concern, however, military attaches will be appointed soon, ” Opole said.

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