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Nord Stream 2 will divide Europe

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Warsaw is concerned about plans by German power firms and Russian monopoly Gazprom to build another natural gas pipeline circumventing Poland, Szydlo said on Wednesday. It will divide Europe – said Polish PM – meaning of course it will deprive Poland of the gas transit earnings.

“We see it as an investment that will lead to a division of Europe,” Szydlo said during a joint news conference with Merkel after talks in Berlin.

Merkel said she viewed the so-called Nord Stream 2 pipeline as an economic project, but its implementation had to be in line with European rules. Gazprom has formed a consortium with E.ON, BASF/Wintershall, OMV, ENGIE and Royal Dutch Shell for the new pipeline.

The project embodies the worst fears of Polish conservatives who see pacts between Poland’s powerful neighbours, Germany and Russia, as an existential threat. It’s important to mark that similar views were circulated during the construction of Nord Stream – 1. It turned that The Nord Stream Pipeline now is a European success story: A consortium of major European energy companies coming together with the shared objective of securing a reliable gas supply for Europe.

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