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Series of false bomb alerts hits Poland

Police responded to 39 bomb alerts in the capital alone, in ministries and state institutions such as the Regional Prosecutor’s Office. Nationwide state offices, media outlets, hotels and shopping centers were targeted by what transpired to be a hoax.

 “So far, we have not found any dangerous materials,”  says Agnieszka Włodarska, from the Warsaw police headquarters press office. Some 700 people were evacuated from the Energy Regulatory Office as a result of the bomb scare earlier today.

Several venues in the southeastern Podkarpacie, the eastern Lubelskie and Opole provinces also reported similar alerts, all sent via email.

Last week, bomb scares were issued across the country, prompting the evacuation of the Silesia City Center and the local branch of public broadcaster of TVP in the southern city of Katowice.

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