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Poland considers media law changes

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There may be changes to the upcoming public service media law in Poland. Speaking in a public hearing in the country’s parliament (Sejm) ands quoted by the local media, Krzysztof Czabanski, the deputy minister of culture and the government plenipotentiary on media reform, said that theses changes may be enacted before September 30, when TVP and Polish Radio are set to be transformed into national media institutions and their current managers replaced.

Czabanski also said that the planned audiovisual tax, due to be included in electricity bills and introduced in January 2017, could be reduced from PLN15 (€3.4) to PLN11-12 a month.

Reports say the hearing was attended by over 70 representatives from various institutions, including associations and NGOs.

They also quote several industry sources as being critical of the upcoming legislation, which in their view will bring TVP and its radio counterpart under more government control.

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