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Poland asks EU to drop legal case against Warsaw over migrant quotas


Poland has asked the European Commission to withdraw its legal proceedings against Warsaw over its migrant relocation quotas and said it was ready to fight its case in court, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

In July the Commission sent so-called “reasoned opinions” to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary urging them to apply EU migration rules.

“Poland has sent a motion to the European Commission requesting it to discontinue its ongoing infringement procedure. Should it be continued, Poland is prepared to argue its case before the Court of Justice of the European Union”, the ministry said in a statement.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) has repeatedly criticized the EU’s relocation scheme for each member state to host a given number of migrants to help ease pressure on Greece and Italy, struggling with mass arrivals of migrants across the Mediterranean.

Earlier on Wednesday, Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in a statement that the EU’s relocation policy was dangerous.

“Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, Manchester, Barcelona,” Blaszczak said, referring to recent attacks by Islamist militants which have killed scores of people.

“How many more European cities have to be hit by terrorists so the European Union wakes up? So the European Commission acknowledges that accepting blindly all those who come to the European shores is akin to putting a noose around Europe’s neck?”

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