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More foreigners in Poland with residence permits

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The number of foreigners in Poland with a residence permit has risen to over 300,000, officials said on Tuesday. “This data does not take into account people whose stay in Poland is based on their visas,” said Jakub Dudziak, a spokesman for the Office for Foreigners to the News.PL.

Foreigners who want to stay in Poland for longer than their visa allows can apply to regional authorities for documents confirming their right of residence.

Since 2014, the number of foreigners in the central Mazowieckie region who hold valid documents entitling them to stay in the country has doubled.

By far the largest group are citizens of Ukraine (36,000 people), followed by citizens of Vietnam (9,500), China (6,000), Belarus (5,500), India (3,500), Russia (3,000), France (2,700), Britain (2,000), Germany (2,000) and Turkey (1,700).

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