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Brexit an opportunity for Poland 2017: investment agency chief


Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is an opportunity rather than a risk to FDI inflow to Poland, the head of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) has said.

Tomasz Pisula told the PAP news agency in an interview: “Brexit is a big opportunity for Poland. One of the big players is stepping off the investment ladder at its own request and its place at the top of the ladder will be taken over by other locations.”

He added: “A whole number of companies currently operating in the UK will soon realize how big an impediment to their business remaining outside the EU will be. Poland has the potential and capabilities to benefit most from this.”

Pisula said Poland has well qualified employees, relatively low business costs, a large domestic market, strong demand for goods from the EU and its location was an advantage.

He added that foreign direct investment in Poland next year could be higher than in 2016.

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