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Nord Stream an ‘result of Russian propaganda’: Zybertowicz

The acceptance of the Nord Stream deal by the West is a result of efficient Russian propaganda, Andrzej Zybertowicz, a Polish presidential advisor said. The priority of the Russian information war on Poland is the delay and the deformation of implementation of the decisions of the Warsaw NATO Summit, Zybertowicz said.

He added that without Russian propaganda there would be no Nord Stream 1 or Nord Stream 2, because its construction was not economically justified, Polish Radio reported.

“Pipelines which run over land are much cheaper. If Germany insisted that the pipelines went through Baltic countries and Poland, it would have strengthened European solidarity”, Zybertowicz said.

“The Russian information war is not only being waged against Poland. This information war has for years been a standard instrument of Russian foreign policy. It is being waged against all of the NATO countries, especially those near Russia, but also other countries towards which Russia has any economic, cultural or other plans,” he said.

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