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New talks on helicopters for Polish army underway

Three bidders have started new talks to deliver helicopters to the Polish armed forces, Poland’s defence ministry has said. The talks are being conducted by France-based Airbus Helicopters and two Poland-based plants, PZL Mielec, owned by US firm Lockheed Martin, and PZL Świdnik, owned by Italy’s Leonardo.

“The Defence Ministry can say with satisfaction that the new offers fully answer the Armed Forces’ needs, and in some ways their parameters are much more interesting than in offers made previously,” said Katarzyna Jakubowska from the ministry.

The same three suppliers made offers to deliver 50 helicopters in a 2012 tender but negotiations with Airbus, the winning bidder, fell through earlier this month.

The talks with Airbus started under Poland’s previous Civic Platform government but were called off by the currently ruling Law and Justice party.

Allegations of misconduct have been levelled at both governments, sparking an investigation into the tender process and failed negotiations.

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