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Polish MPs discuss ‘Pro-Life’ bill

Pro-Life' bill

A “Pro-Life” bill which promises financial support for women who carry severely sick foetuses to term is set to be reviewed by a Polish parliamentary committee on Thursday. The bill “is a first, important step in preparing a complex programme of support for women with difficult pregnancies and their families,” government spokesman Rafał Bochenek said.

“A team appointed by Prime Minister Beata Szydło is continually working on the details,” he said.

Among pledges is a one-off PLN 4,000 (EUR 900) payout for women who give birth to a child which is severely disabled or has an incurable terminal illness.

Other benefits, available to birth parents, legal guardians and care givers, include palliative or rehabilitative care for children with medically certified illnesses, psychological care, cheaper medication, priority access to medical care and help with specific needs such as housing.

The bill states that the “Pro-Life” programme will be accepted by the government by 31 December.

Szydło hopes the programme will offer enough support to families raising disabled children to stop terminations of complicated pregnancies.

Szydło first mentioned the programme after parliament threw out a controversial citizens’ bill proposing a total ban on abortion and jail time for women who had terminations.

Deputies voted against the anti-abortion bill after women in cities throughout Poland took to the streets in a so-called Black Protest.

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