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Poland to create country-wide ‘crime map’

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Polish police will create an accessible “crime map” by September, showing the distribution of committed crimes around Poland and helping local forces react more effectively to crime. A pilot version of the map was tested in three police forces this year. Jarosław Zieliński, deputy Interior Minister, said: “The pilot programme of the national crime map has proved successful.”

According to the Ministry, during the pilot version, some 6,000 crimes were added and 35,000 people have made use of the map, available freely on the internet.

Reported crimes so far have included drug use, breaches of speed limits, unlawful parking and drinking alcohol in prohibited places.

The map uses data from police forces as well as reports from locals, which are verified by police before being added.

One of the functions of the map will be to assist the police when deciding where to deploy resources and open new police stations.

The current version of the map can be accessed online.

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