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Armed Forces Day celebrated in Poland

Poland army

Sunday’s events included the presentation of medals and distinctions to soldiers and civilian personnel of the Polish Army, and a roll call of honour at the monument to the soldiers of 1920 at Powązki military cemetery.

Participating in the military parade in Warsaw will be a thousand soldiers, with representatives from the armed forces of 12 other countries, sixty army vehicles, and a number of aircraft.

For the first time, marching with the soldiers will be members of civilian paramilitary organisations. The parade will be closed by cavalry, the Representative Orchestra of the Polish Army, and participants of re-enactment groups.

August 15 marks the 96th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw of 1920, in which the Poles led by Józef Piłsudski defeated the advancing Red Army. It was first celebrated as a national holiday between 1923 and 1947, and restored as Army Day in 1992, Radio Poland reminds.

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