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Seven in 10 Poles back Hillary Clinton: report

Sixty-eight percent of Poles would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton if they could cast a ballot in the US presidential elections, the Rzeczpospolita daily has reported. Only 13 percent of Poles would vote for Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump, the Polish daily reported, citing a survey for the paper by pollster IBRiS.

Nineteen percent of respondents were undecided.

In a comment piece, Rzeczpospolita described the outcome of the survey as surprising, adding that most Poles are in an anti-establishment mood and are against taking in Muslim immigrants.

What Polish people are concerned about is Trump’s apparent intention to dismantle Western institutions from the World Trade Organization to NATO and strike a deal with Vladimir Putin without taking into consideration the interests of Central and Eastern Europe, the paper said.

Trump’s far-reaching experiments could pose a threat to Poland’s security, Rzeczpospolita said in its opinion piece.

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