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Poland’s communist-era security officers face pension cuts

Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on July 12 unveiled a new bill aimed at capping pensions for former Security Service (SB) officers. Under the proposed rules, the average monthly payout will be adjusted to a maximum €482.

“This is an expression of social justice,” he was quoted as saying by Radio Poland. “[Former] officers of the Security Service and the power apparatus of the repressive communist state still have high pensions and sickness benefits. The bill corrects these errors.

“We want to bring about a situation where a sense of justice triumphs in society,” he added. “We don’t agree to officers of the apparatus of oppression receiving such high payouts for choking the freedom, independence of our country.”

As reported by the Reuters news agency, some 32,000 officers who served in the now defunct communist secret police will be affected by the proposed measure.

The proposal, which still needs to be passed by the parliament, could save the budget an estimated €30m.

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