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No explosives involved in Smolensk crash

A judge at a Warsaw court said on Tuesday that there are no grounds to claim that the 2010 plane crash which killed 96 people including the then president, was brought down by an explosive device, Radio Poland reports.

The court has no reason to believe that the Smolensk disaster was caused by an attack using explosives.judge Paweł Dobosz

Bielawny was found guilty of neglecting his duties in relation to the 2010 crash which killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczyński.

BOR properly checked the Tu-154 plane for explosives before the flight on 10 April.judge Paweł Dobosz

Earlier in June, Law and Justice leader Jarosław Kaczyński, twin of the late president, said that uncovering the “truth about the Smolensk catastrophe” will help restore “moral order” in Poland.

Part of this plan; the restoration of dignity, the rebuilding of strength and moral order in our country, must be arriving at the truth about the Smolensk catastrophe, while also commemorating its victims.Kaczyński

The Law and Justice government is holding an investigation into the reasons for the crash, which some in the party suspect was the result of a plot targeting top Polish officials.

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