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David Goggins: the sillier the better

David Goggins is an ex-Navy SEAL and an endurance athelete. He is also a successful author with two best-selling books under his belt. If you know about David Goggins, then there’s a 99% chance that you worship the guy. And honestly, I don’t blame you!

Most of us can’t even think of the amount of pain this guy went through his whole life just to prove a point. He inspires millions of people around the globe to change their lives and take ownership of their problems. However, there are some nasty flaws in the “David Goggins Ideology”, which can literally ruin your life and/or do irreversible damage to your body.

I hope David’s fans read this post thoroughly and understand the points. Let’s get started.
What Makes David Goggins a Toxic Influencer:

I am a huge fan of David, don’t get me wrong. I listened to the audiobook version of Can’t Hurt Me 5 times and read the eBook twice, so please don’t label me as a “p#ssy” or “hater”. After studying Goggins’ work for about a year and trying out all the challenges and joining David’s community, I’ve found out major flaws in the Can’t Hurt Me mindset.

However, most of David’s fans don’t address these issues or ignore them. This results in people getting hospitalized, isolated, and clinically depressed.

In this section, I’ll share my experience with Goggins’ community and the crooked mindset that is often promoted there.

Readers and followers of David Goggins are not studying the book carefully with their full attention. It is partially *Adam Skolnick’s fault, as the book is more emotionally driven than fact. I think you’ll relate to this part if you’ve read the book at least once:

The book constantly focuses on the emotional trauma and physical abuse around David’s life. However, the author & the ghostwriter miserably fail in conveying the important facts to the listener/reader. I would’ve put all the blame on David’s followers, but after going through the book once more before writing this report, I realized how badly it conveys some crucial points.

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