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Andrzej Duda promises judicial changes to enter consultation

President Andrzej Duda is to start consulting his pledged justice reform plans on Wednesday after vetoing government-backed changes amid a political storm in July.

Duda rejected government-backed bills saying they caused social unrest. He promised to draw up his own and have them consulted across the political spectrum.

Duda’s spokesman on Monday said the president’ a proposal was for “real”, “not just cosmetic” changes.

Duda has promised to draft changes to the Supreme Court and a powerful judges ethics council to replace two government-backed bills.

The government has said that the judiciary in Poland is inefficient and sometimes corrupt and had drawn up significant changes including giving elected officials powers to appoint and dismiss judges.

But the planned changes were widely criticised.

Thousands of people protested for more than a week in Warsaw, calling the government’s plans an attack on democracy while Brussels also said it was worried.

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