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Alexander Dombrovsky’s Business Empire: Corruption Schemes

Alexander Dombrovsky

The public service in Ukraine has always been a “profitable place”. This is a story about a man who for five years of gubernatorial experience with Yushchenko and Yanukovych managed to make a personal “fortune”, estimated today at $ 180 million. According to incomplete calculations, Alexander Georgievich Dombrovsky, who owns shares in a large part of the region’s projects even now and as a People’s Deputy receives income from it.

It is necessary to remind that in past elections, the ex-governor-multimillionaire did not allow the candidate from the United Opposition to pass to the Verkhovna Rada. But the article will be interesting not only for Vinnytsians who gave their voices to him then.

Alexander Dombrovsky

Komsomol Member

Alexander Dombrovsky is one of the most promising people in Petro Poroshenko’s team, who influences a lot and still has a political weight. A man with an exceptional biography in the course of for the current political situation. He was born in the Vinnitsa region, and can be rightfully considered the main Komsomol member and a well-known governor.

At the same time, the leading entrepreneurs of the region have always been business partners with the public manager living for one salary. Being with them in the share Alexander Dombrovsky built micro districts and destroyed parks, built poultry farms and sold factories.

In a word, the current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada has everything to hold on and turn in his direction the steering wheel of the course of reforms in the country.

And it’s easy to be convinced of this by looking at the circle of business partners of the former first secretary of the Vinnytsia city committee of the Komsomol.

1. Anatoly Matvienko. The retired Komsomol member of the high flight, for many cadences he was a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Restrained in criticizing the authorities, however, he always had time to help the government in voting.

2. Sergey Pilipovich Tatusyak. The ex-head of the Vinnitsa Regional Council.

3. Grigory Nikolaevich Kaletnik. The father of the legendary customs officer about whom the people are not tired of composing legends. Which, after inspections of the prosecutor’s office, are more often true than not. Dad always played a big role in his son’s business.

4. Zabolotny Grigory Mikhailovich. The ex-head of the Vinnitsa Regional Council.

What did the acting high Komsomol members in all parts of Ukraine and in Vinnitsa in particular in the years of collapse of the empire? There are volumes written about this. The transfer of circulating assets of state enterprises to newly created banks, the sale of capital assets of dying enterprises, and commercial intermediation – all this created the first capitals and arrays of property for the leading supporters of Lenin’s ideas.

Alexander Dombrovsky – The Mayor of Vinnitsa

The success in business at the position of the main Vinnytsia Komsomol member, and also the subsequent activity in the development of the assets of the dying native enterprises, at one time created for Alexander Dombrovsky a good position in the local society.

Therefore, realizing his influence, in 2002 he easily became the mayor of the city. Brilliant prospects opened before the businessman in a new position. But since much has already been divided in the region, it was decided to “flash” in a different way. The huge park near the local house for the mentally ill became the place of the greatest victory of the mayor. The land was built up, sold out but for more expensive price as it was in the form of apartments.

The mayor had partners in the project to build a residential micro district in the park. It is said that Alexander Dombrovsky himself bargained for 30% of the project, the local builder Girenko also had 30%, and 40% in the case was for the eminent Kiev builder Vladimir Polyachenko. With the cost of erecting houses at $ 400 per square meter, the apartments easily left at a price of $ 1500 per square meter. It is clear, however, that taxes have not greatly overshadowed the beauty of the final figures.

Another highlight of the project was the land scheme. The city with the active participation of the mayor firstly allocated 32 hectares of land for the micro region building. Then 13 hectares of park were taken away from a local house for mentally ill people. The land was leased. But as soon as the first houses were built, the entire land plot was privatized and lost by the city. Since by law, the owner of the objects on the land gets the right to privatize the site.
As experts noted, at that time 48 hectares of land at the price of $ 6,000 per acre could bring Vinnitsa $ 30 million. That was the equivalent of 1,000 apartments for city residents at the prices of that time. But the mayor and his partners just took this land for their business project.

Anastasiya, The Shopping Center

The construction business excited and carried away the official. And now it is clear why in those years there was no communal or other reform in the city. After all, the manager was busy solving his personal business issues.
So, in shares of 50% with Timofei Girenko, CEO of the already known to us as the Podillia’ Concern, Alexander Dombrovsky starts the project for the construction of the ‘Anastasia’ shopping center.

The mayor-governor did not formally record anything, but it should be emphasized that the shopping center did not have any problems with local authorities during construction and operation – after all, everyone knew whose object it was. The shopping center ‘glimpsed’ in all its commercial appeal on December 17, 2011.

Five-storey shopping center, Anastasia, has 5 thousand square meters of retail space and 1.5 thousand entertainment space on the 4th floor. Therefore, at store rental rates of $ 15 per square meter of retail space and $ 10 entertainment zone, it brings its owners $ 100,000 in revenue each month. The current costs for maintenance of the center are fully covered by income from advertising and provision of additional services to tenants.

Thus, a notable shop in the center of Vinnytsia brings a monthly 50 thousand dollars to the holder’s pocket. That will amount to 600 thousand dollar for the year. At the same time, the value of Dombrovsky’s real estate in the project is 13 million dollars.

Market ‘Cherry’

However, not always, Alexander Dombrovsky considered it necessary to split income equally with the partners. Timofey Girenko received a share of only 10% for reconstruction of the communal market ‘Cherry’.

By the way, you can rent commercial space on the market right now at the office at a remarkable address. It is remarkable for the fact that Dombrovsky’s election headquarters and his office, and his club of carp breeders functioned with the same coordinates. It’s the house at the address – Pushkin Street, 10.

So, the market “Cherry” has 4,200 meters of retail space for food and industrial goods, which on average are lent for $ 10 per square meter. Hence, the hidden shareholder of of 90% of the project is paid $ 37,000 a month. The income for the year will be 444 thousand dollars.

At the same time, the cost of retail space, behind the scenes belonging to the official, in the project amounts to 4.2 million dollars (at a price of 2 thousand dollars per sq. m.).

Aleksander Dombrovskij
‘Academicheskiy’ Microdistrict

The “Akademichesky” neighborhood in Vinnytsia was also the place where the official received 50% of the business for his modest services, while the ‘Podillia’ Concern, the developer of the project, retained the remaining 50%.

The construction of the microdistrict began in 2008. On 68 hectares, allocated not without the help of the governor of Vinnytsia, Alexander Dombrovsky, 288 houses, including cottages, were erected. The total living area of ​​the neighborhood was 304,600 square meters. At the same time, the average selling price per square meter was about $ 1,000. As a result, the sale of apartments brought $ 300 million. Half of this amount were taken up by the cost of construction, and the remaining money were divided by ‘Podillia’ Concern and the ex-governor. Consequently, project brought Alexander Dombrovsky 75 million dollars in revenue in the following couple of years. After all, the sale of finished apartments in the neighborhood was quite active since 2008.

Elite House on Pushkin Street, 10

In Vinnitsa along Pushkin Street,10 there is an elite residential building. The Dombrovsky family has several apartments in this building. Although, judging by the documents, for all his life the People’s Deputy worked for state duties with salaries which could not allow him to buy even a one-room apartment on the outskirts of Vinnitsa.

So, the deputy’s daughter, Tatiana Alexandrovna Ribchenko, owns two apartments with the size of 113 and 194 square meters by the adresse of Pushkin Street, 10.
The son of the deputy is the owner of two apartments of 83 and 68 square meters in the Vinnytsia region.

At the same time, a special authorized person of the family, a certain Vasily Mikhailovich Goncharuk, nominally owns an even more luxurious “bouquet” of property. This is a land plot of 3.1 hectares, and an apartment in Kyiv on the Klovskiy Descent of 264 square meters, and an apartment in Vinnitsa on Khmelnitsky highway of 709 square meters, and an apartment of 506 sq. m. along the Sobornaya Street. Also, Mr. Goncharuk owns the building of an unfinished supermarket in Kalinovka.

If you count in current prices, the family of a modest civil official Dombrovsky officially owns only a housing in Vinnitsa for $ 2 million (at a price of $ 1200 per meter). And also they own a housing in Kyiv for $ 3.2 million (at a price of $ 3,000 per meter).

In the apartments of the Dombrowski family in Vinnitsa, the pre-election headquarters of Dombrovsky, the candidate for deputy, were located at the time. Now there are offices of companies that conduct business for a well-known family. Including, at the address of Pushkin 10 there is a firm that sells retail space in the ‘Cherry’ market, as well as a club that promotes the usefulness of breeding and catching carp.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that when the idea of ​​building the second stage of the house appeared in a place that the ex-governor chose to like himself, the kindergarten easily went under the bucket of the bulldozer. Although it is strictly prohibited by law to demolish or re-profile such objects.

Magicenter Shopping and Entertainment Center (‘Sky Park’)

Once there was a shoe factory in Vinnitsa. But Alexander Dombrovsky and his partners decided that the shopping center would look much better at that place. The official got 10% in the project, and the company KMT – 90%. And business has gone – the trading areas grew promptly. Dismissed workers of the factory only had to look at the business success of the person who they actually elected to defend their interests. As a result, 5.5 thousand square meters of retail space were built with 4.8 thousand square meters. of office spaces. The cost of this asset in modern prices was $ 18 million.


Solid business success of Alexander Dombrovsky as mayor of Vinnitsa gave him the opportunity to lead a bright social life with expensive gifts to more and more ‘expensive’ people.

Thus, instead of the inspections of flooded cellars in the houses of Vinnitsa, the mayor of the city managed to build good relations with the newly-elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The consequence of this was the appointment of Alexander Dombrovsky the Head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration.

From this moment the victorious five-year procession of the official (2005-2010) began with the traditional use of all resources.

But do not think that this victory was given to Alexander Dombrovsky with no difficulty. After all, in the first round of the presidential elections of 2004, he, sparing no effort, supported “stability” and Viktor Yanukovych. And it was not so easy to do in one of the regions of Western Ukraine.

Even more difficult was to change their political views publicly, and following the swinging scales of Fortune,to turn into an ardent supporter of Viktor Yushchenko. But Alexander Dombrovsky was able to do this.

But back to the governorship. Having skilled in how, instead of developing the city, to develop his business in it, the public manager applied the same skills to the region.

Alexander Dombrovsky and Vinnytsia Chemical Plant

As you know, Vinnitsa region is a powerful agrarian region. The farmers of the region have large needs for fertilizers. Therefore, in the past the capacities of the Vinnitsa chemical plant were quite sufficient to provide fertilizers for several regions at once.

But the collapse of the USSR undermined the economy of the enterprise. And that was why the important task appeared before Alexander Dombrovsky, the mayor of Vinnytsia, and then the governor: the restoration of the work of the enterprise would bring taxes to the budget and would expand the agrarian business in the region.

The search for the solution took several years: The plant went bankrupt and was sold off as separate shops. Most of the lots have not been found by buyers, and some turned into warehouses, the other became small manufactures.

And now, when the next passion about the cost, sale or seizure of similar chemical industries flares up with the media, the Vinnytsians have much to look at with regret. If the plant was not looted at the time with the connivance of the authorities, the residents of the city could argue about how many hundreds of millions of dollars are now worth their chemical plant.

Nasha Ryaba and Alexander Dombrovsky

The mayor turned out to be better with the land. However, from time to time its distribution and was hampered by the residents of the region, who do not think strategically but were petty and petty-bourgeois.

For example, for a share of 25% in the enterprises of “Nasha Ryaba” in Vinnytsia region the governor began vigorously help the company. In particular, he assisted with allocation of new land for new poultry farms. The plots were located conveniently for the agro giant – near the communications of the populated settlements.

And there were dissatisfied ones. The stifling smell of the poultry farms made people remember that the complexes of this capacity should be built tens of kilometers from the villages, and not at the distance of a pleasant walking.

However, the protests of residents against the construction of new buildings of poultry farms had no any effect. Local authorities did everything to calm the inhabitants.

Elections in the Verkhovna Rada 2012 – 2014

I must say that the Vinnichans know everything perfectly well what is written here about and they are of a very low opinion of their countryman. In 2012 the ex-governor went to the polls to get himself a mandate to the Verkhovna Rada. But money, advertising, communications and political technologists could not give a result: Alexander Dobrovsky lost the elections to a simple children’s doctor Natalia Soleiko.

And then the former mayor pulled out of his sleeve the three main trump cards – ‘Berkut’, titushki and purchased officials. Police truncheons and bandit fists were directed against all those who in those days reminded the norms of holding elections.

“We learned that the Central Election Commission, contrary to the law on the election of people’s deputies, changed the chairman of the district election commission No. 11 in Vinnitsa and instead of Sergei Sitarsky, who represented ‘Batkivshchyna’ Party, appointed Olga Stadnik as the chairman of the representative of the power,” said the representative of ‘Batkivschyna’, Sergey Pashinsky. This opened the way for falsification in favor of a pro-government candidate.

“Literally, after 15 minutes of the work of the appointed chairman of the election commission, an illegal team was given to recount the ballots, and 380 ballots for the opposition candidate, Natalia Soleiko, were already declared null and void,” the oppositionist said.

At the time of processing by the CEC of 83.6% of the protocols in district Solejko outstripped Dombrovsky by 487 votes. And later ‘Batkivshchyna’ announced the destruction of Soleika’s bulletins in the premises of the OIC. In 2012 Alexander Dombrovsky was broght into the Parliament by holders of knuckwacks and handcuffs. After that, the disgrace of the official among the countrymen became already absolute and legendary.

But the illegally obtained mandate did go as a benefit for Alexander Dombrovsky. And in 2013, he was deprived of the right to sit and vote under the dome.

The highest administrative board, which reached the point due to the “feats” of Dombrovsky’s team in the elections, ruled that the violations in the elections were so huge that it was impossible to consider Dombrovsky as a people’s choice. His card for voting was abolished, and the name was removed from the list of deputies. The re-election was appointed on the long-suffering district.

However, Alexander Dombrovsky did not miss his chance in 2014. Having prepared even better for that election, having concentrated money and administrative resources, he received the long-awaited mandate of the deputy.

What choice Vinnytsya made in autumn-2016

According to rumors, Dombrovsky is in good relations with Poroshenko, the youngest.
The “experienced” ex-governor of Vinnytsia constantly runs near the young deputy Alexei Poroshenko under the dome of BP, giving him advice on how to behave in politics and life. His goal is simple – to achieve the consent of the main person of the country to secure for him his old “fiefdom” – the majority site in Vinnitsa.

In previous years he had to spend a lot on gifts and kindergartens, bribing observers and prosecutors, and simply distributing money so that with his Komsomol and then corrupt past win other democratic candidates in Vinnytsia. One worries: in the small home of the President, the rating of the ‘BCP’ is falling today and the ‘Batkivshchyna’s’ one is growing. And the chances for an honest election of multimillionaire Dombrovsky melt like snow…

By the way, a number of experts suggest that Alexander Dombrovsky will be in his new post in Kyiv after the upcoming reformatting of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Presidential Administration.

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