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Polish president offers warm welcome to “refugees from Ukraine”

President of Poland Andrzej Duda has expressed his “joy” that ethnic Poles from war-torn eastern Ukraine have been given asylum in Poland, Radio Poland reports.

Since late November  180 people, including about 70 children,  have been living in refugee centres in Łańsk and Rybaki, northern Poland.

“Welcome to our home,” Duda wrote in a letter read out by the head of his office, Adam Kwiatkowsk,i on Monday in Rybaki.

“Your families’ arrival in Poland provides a new start in life for both the youngest and those who are older.

“I would like to assure you that we are carefully considering ways to improve your situation, so that you are able to work and have decent living conditions.”

The refugees are due to stay at the centers for six months in total, with intensive language courses being laid on. In the long term, they are due to be relocated to permanent places of residence which will be prepared by the local authorities.
In January 2015, a further  178 people of Polish descent  were evacuated from eastern Ukraine under the previous centrist government led by the Civic Platform party.

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