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Jerzy Gut goes in wave of army resignations

Poland army

An aide to Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has dismissed concerns about a wave of resignations in Poland’s armed forces, saying they have no negative effect on the country’s defense.

Some 30 generals have recently resigned from Poland’s armed forces — part of NATO — since the conservative government came to power in 2015. They have been replaced. One of them, Gen. Miroslaw Rozanski, said that Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz was not taking his opinions into account.

In the latest resignation, head of the special forces, Gen. Jerzy Gut, stepped down Tuesday, citing personal reasons. Gen. Wojciech Marchwica was immediately appointed to the job.

Aide Andrzej Dera said Wednesday that Duda, who is the armed forces’ supreme commander, appreciated the new appointments and was not worried about the quality of command.

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