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Polish grandparents among most devoted in Europe

Polish grandparents statistically have more grandchildren than others in the European Union according to a new report. Compared with their counterparts in other European countries, Poles aged over 50 are not only more likely to have grandchildren, but on average have one more than their peers in Spain, Germany and Italy, according to the Center for Economic Analysis (CenEA).

CenEA developed a general picture of intergenerational relations in Poland compared to other European countries.

Polish grandparents cared for their grandchildren for three hours per week more than their European counterparts, with each spending an average of nine hours with their grandchildren weekly. Only Greek grandparents spent more time with their grandchildren on a weekly basis, with an average of ten hours.

Poland marks grandmother’s day on 21 January and grandfather’s day the following day. Around 75 percent of people aged over 50 will celebrate this day, having an average of three grandchildren, according to recent data.

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