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Employees of Polish firm kidnapped in Pakistan

Six employees of a Polish oil company have been kidnapped in northwestern Pakistan, although none of the men are Polish nationals, the foreign ministry has said.

The men, who are reported to be Pakistani nationals, were kidnapped on Saturday afternoon, according to the Reuters news agency.

They were dragged out of a car on a road near the town of Drazinda, about 80 km northwest from the city of Dera Ismail Khan, two Pakistani military officials, who asked to remain anonymous, told the agency.

A spokeswoman for the Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed that none of those kidnapped were Polish citizens.

The men work for Geofizyka Kraków. A Polish engineer working for the company was kidnapped in 2008 and later beheaded.

Geofizyka Kraków has a history of conducting exploration for gas and oil in the region. It is a subsidiary of Polish gas giant PGNiG, but went into liquidation in August 2016, according to its website.

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