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President Duda’s popularity drops in October

A total of 48 percent of respondents polled by the TNS Institute assessed Duda’s work positively, a fall of three percentage points from September, while the proportion assessing him negatively rose by two percentage points to 41 percent.

Meanwhile 40 percent of Poles thought that the government is doing a good job, compared to 50 percent who are critical of it.

This represents a rise of two percentage points in the number of people supporting the government and a rise of one percentage point in the number of critics, with the number of undecided people falling.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło remains more popular than her government as a whole, with 44 percent of Poles perceiving her work positively and 45 percent negatively. This represents a minor worsening of public opinion compared to September.

The poll was conducted between 7-12 October on a representative group of 1,052 residents of Poland aged over 15.

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