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Law and Justice to up pay for ruling elites

Ruling Law and Justice (PiS) is pushing for an across-the-board increase in salaries for decision-makers in Poland.

Beneficiaries of the party’s new draft bill include the president, prime minister, deputy ministers, province governors and MPs. The new regulations will also provide for a salary for the first lady, a novelty in Poland.

Prime Minister Beata Szydło is expected to benefit the most as her gross salary will increase from 16,700 to PLN 24,100 a month, a nearly sixf0ld higher amount than the average salary in Poland.

The new law links top managerial compensation in state administration with the country’s economic situation, which means that an economic slowdown would affect the wallets of those in power.

Civil servants’ income will, whereas, be correlated with a number of factors, such as minimum and average pay in the country, GDP growth over a three-year period and the Gini coefficient, which measures income inequality.

The new law proposal has had an eyebrow-raising effect on the opposition. “If we’re hearing that there’s no money to give to nurses in Poland, and then, all of a sudden, just like that in the midst of summer we see a bill proposal for politicans then we can’t expect it go down well [with society] and a political price will be paid for this,” Civic Platform leader Grzegorz Schetyna told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

The ruling Law and Justice party, which came to power last October, is to earmark PLN 25 mln (nearly EUR 6 mln) for the salary increases.

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