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Facebook unblocks IPN page


Facebook has unblocked the English-language page of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), a national organisation set up to investigate Nazi and communist crimes against the Polish people.

Facebook disabled the page on Saturday over a post from May on German plans to Germanise Polish children during World War Two. At the time, Facebook said that the content had “fallen foul of Facebook’s algorithms.”

The decision evoked hefty criticism from the Polish government, media and numerous public institutions. The Polish Culture Ministry demanded action in the matter.

On Monday, the Polish Centre for the Monitoring of Press Freedom (CMWP SDP) also protested against Facebook’s freezing of the IPN page.

“CMWP SDP calls for a stop to such activities and for the restoration of the English-language IPN account on Facebook,” it wrote in a communique.

In mid-January, Facebook also blocked the foreign promotion of an IPN film about a German labour camp in Lodz where 3,000 children had been imprisoned.

After freeing the page, Facebook apologised for the blockade, and explained that it was caused by errors in the portal’s automatic tools, IPN wrote on Tuesday on its website.

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