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Gov’t plans to prolong household electricity bill support in 2024

The Polish government plans to extend preferable pricing conditions for electricity bills paid by households until the end of 2024, according to its legislative work agenda published on Monday.

In December 2022, Poland froze electricity prices for households and vulnerable recipients for the year 2023 at the level of 2022 rates up to a consumption limit of 3,000 kWh for all households, 3,600 kWh for households with people with disabilities and 4,000 kWh for large families and farmers.

According to the government’s legislative work agenda, these measures will be extended into next year.

The proposed legislation provides for “a modified continuation of the existing support for household consumers, including support for energy consumption for needs similar to those consumed in households (for example common parts of buildings, garages, summer houses or collective residences).”

The draft envisages “freezing” prices and distribution fees and the obligation for energy enterprises to apply the tariffs approved for 2022 in their settlements with household customers in 2024, within a specified limit.

According to the document, the cap on consumption for households will be extended, whereas the maximum energy price for vulnerable recipients (such as local governments, schools, hospitals and SMEs) at PLN 693 (EUR 159) per 1,000 kWh will be maintained.

Poland’s parliament passed the original caps on electricity bills in late 2022 in response to soaring energy prices following the war in Ukraine and increased global demand for energy commodities as economic activity picked up after the slump caused by the coronavirus crisis.

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