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Trucks waiting over 100 hours to cross Polish-Ukrainian border

Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

Trucks are waiting over 100 hours to enter Ukraine at the Medyka border crossing in south-eastern Poland morning, due to the effects of a protest by Polish lorry drivers.

The drivers have blockaded the Dorohusk and Korczowa border crossings in protest over what they see as unfair competition from Ukrainian road haulage firms, forcing traffic to the Medyka crossing.

The drivers, who started their protest on November 6, are demanding the introduction of commercial permits for Ukrainian companies carrying goods, excluding those carrying humanitarian aid and military equipment.

They have also demanded that operating permits be suspended for companies that were set up after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

The National Tax Administration reported on Monday that the estimated waiting time for a truck to pass through the Medyka crossing is around 108 hours. The remaining vehicles are cleared on an ongoing basis.

The queue at the blocked Korczowa crossing, has extended to 11 kilometres, however the police did not note any other disturbances, according to Anna Dlugosz of the Jaroslaw police.

At the other crossings in the region, clearance is granted without any considerable delays.

Polish truckers have announced that they also plan to block the Medyka crossing on Wednesday or Thursday, this week.

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