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Poles against compulsory military service says poll

Tytus ┼╗mijewski/PAP

Up to 44 percent of Polish citizens oppose the introduction of compulsory military service, according to a new opinion survey.

The Pollster survey, published by the newspaper Super Express, found that only 27 percent of citizens support the idea to bring back conscription for men in Poland.

Meanwhile, 13 percent of the respondents voted in favour of mandatory service for both men and women.

Around 16 percent of participants were undecided.

Poland ended conscription in 2009, and its armed forces became fully professional in 2010.

According to the findings of the poll, the majority of those opposed to the compulsory military service were men (49 percent).

Professor Kazimierz Kik, a political scientist, told Super Express that the survey’s results indicated a change in self-preservation instincts of Poles.

“The military is associated with war, and Poles are becoming Europeanised. The penchant for combat is disappearing,” Kik said.

“The results also suggest a change in priorities,” he continued. “The most important thing is no longer to prepare for war, but to take care of one’s comfort.”

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