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Court rejects Warsaw’s ban on pro-Palestinian demonstration

A Warsaw court has overturned a ban placed by the city’s mayor on a pro-Palestinian demonstration near the Israeli embassy in the Polish capital.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have taken place in numerous cities around the world since the Israeli armed forces launched an assault on the Gaza Strip following the Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7.

The demonstrations, in some cases, have raised concerns that they could fuel anti-Semitism. 

“The court did not share the doubts raised by @warszawa and the Police regarding the safety of the pro-Palestinian demonstration planned for the weekend, whose route leads through narrow streets in Ochota (Warsaw district – PAP),” Rafal Trzaskowski, Warsaw mayor, wrote on X on Thursday. 

“We accept this decision,” he added. 

On Wednesday, Trzaskowski announced that he had banned the march scheduled to end in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ochota as the police could not guarantee safety in what is a confined space. 

“Our decision is based on the position of the Warsaw Police, which are responsible by law for ensuring public safety and order during assemblies. Previously, these demonstrations took place on a different route and then the assessment of the services and the city was positive,” he added. 

The demonstration under the slogan “Not one more bomb – free Palestine” is to set off from Zbawiciela Square towards the Israeli Embassy at 1pm on Saturday. 

Participants are to march along Nowowiejska and Krzywickiego streets.

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