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Most Poles against euro adoption says poll

Over 60 percent of Polish citizens are not in favour of a new coalition government taking the country into the eurozone, according to a new opinion survey.

The IBRiS poll for private broadcaster Radio ZET asked whether the new government, which will probably be comprised of the Civic Coalition (KO), the Third Way, and the New Left, should seek to replace Poland’s national currency, the zloty, with the euro.

According to the findings, 7.9 percent of the respondents answered “definitely yes” and 13.3 percent “rather yes.”

Meanwhile, 19.5 percent of those surveyed chose the answer “rather not”, and 43.4 percent were definitely against euro adoption.

Around 15.9 percent of participants had no opinion on the matter.

The poll showed that those most opposed to replacing the zloty were Law and Justice (PiS) supporters, who accounted for 85 percent of those definitely against the euro.

In contrast, 43 percent of those in favour of the new currency are supporters of the liberal-democratic camp (the KO, The Third Way, the New Left).

“The euro should be introduced in Poland, as stipulated in the 2003 Treaty of Accession to the European Union. However, there is still no political will nor concrete economic decisions that would bring Poland closer to the common EU currency,” said Radio ZET’s website on Thursday.

The poll by the Institute for Market and Social Research IBRiS on behalf of Radio ZET was conducted on November 10, 2023 on a representative sample of 1,067 Poles. 

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