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Poland welcomes EU budget for 2024 with more funds for Polish priorities

Poland has welcomed a deal on an EU budget for 2024 worth a total of EUR 189.4 billion with top-ups on Poland’s key priority lines.

Following Friday night negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council of EU member states the EU budget, the New Ukraine Facility with overall capacity of EUR 50 billion will be included in the EU budget for 2024, in line with Poland’s position.

The EU budget for 2024 managed to increase funds for Polish priorities such as assistance to countries accepting Ukrainian refugees, transport connections, including military ones with Ukraine, and humanitarian aid, both for Ukraine and the Middle East, Poland’s Ministry of Finance announced in a Saturday press release.

According to the European Commission and Polish negotiators, the EU budget for 2024 will guarantee a balance between the efficient implementation of projects and the challenges facing the whole EU.

“Our success is ensuring adequate funds to finance cohesion policy and the Common Agricultural Policy, which are of key importance for Poland,” Magdalena Rzeczkowska, finance minister said as quoted in the statement.

“We are pleased with the increase of funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. We also appreciate the increase in funds allocated to countries hosting Ukrainian refugees and for other activities related to the war in Ukraine, including expanding military transport capabilities within the EU and border protection,” she added.

A vote on the EU budget 2024 agreement will be held in Strasbourg in two weeks.

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