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Kaczynski says EU has plan leading ‘annihilation of the Polish state’

Paweł Supernak/PAP

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland’s ruling party Law and Justice, has argued that a plan by the European Union will lead to depriving Poland of its sovereignty and eventually to the annihilation of the Polish state.

Kaczynski made the claim on Friday evening, during his address at Warsaw’s Plisudskiego Square on the eve of Poland’s Independence Day, referring to steps taken by the European Parliament.

“A plan has already been prepared, a specific plan, the implementation of which by the European Union would lead not only to depriving us of independence, not only to depriving us of sovereignty, but even to the annihilation of the Polish state,” Kaczynski said.

“We would become a territory inhabited by Poles, ruled from the outside, because such a plan was adopted by the Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament,” he added.

According to Kaczynski, there are still several steps to be taken in this matter, “which may take longer or shorter.”

“But it’s about the effect. I repeat: what is already happening, which is, in fact, to be the subject of further deliberations by various bodies, is nothing other than the implementation of a plan that can be briefly described: liquidation. Liquidation of our independence,” he warned.

According to him this was “essentially a German plan.”

Kaczynski further said that Poland’s independence is to be only a “historical incident.”

“The one (since 1918 – PAP) lasted a little over twenty years, the one (after 1989 – PAP) is supposed to last some thirty years, but it will end in a year, two, or three years,” he argued.

Kaczynski said that a great effort and consolidation on the part of the whole nation is necessary to stop this process.

“Other nations can decide as they want. We Poles want to be free. We want to be independent. And we do not want to be subject to Germany. Because this is in fact the German plan included in the coalition agreement of the German government, presented in fact directly as a pursuit of German hegemony by the Chancellor (Olaf- PAP) Scholz,” he argued.

“Those who want to take over power today have concluded an agreement – although they did not dare to include this point in it, although they supported it in the European Parliament,” Kaczynski added, referring to the coalition agreement initialled on Friday by the leaders of three opposition groupings that hope to form Poland’s next government, Civic Coalition led by Civic Platform, the Third Way and the New Left.

“We cannot agree to this,” he said.

Kaczynski also admitted that “Poland had moments of shame in its history, such as in 1792 when the Polish army had not yet been defeated but the Polish elites joined Targowica (the pro-Russian confederation – PAP).

According to him, the new coalition is “not a Polish party, but a German one – an external party.”

“The French general Charles de Gaulle referred to the communists as an external party, and we can safely refer to the Civic Platform or the Civic Coalition as such,” he added.

“We cannot repeat this disgrace from over 200 years ago. We have to win this fight. We can only win it when we are determined, when we know what it is about and what the hierarchy of values is, that freedom, independence and sovereignty are at the forefront of political values and that they must be defended at all costs,” Kaczynski said.

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