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Comic Book Museum in Kraków

The golden era of Polish comic books started in the 1960s. Today its popularity has reached momentum with a whole array of titles being translated to foreign languages.

The Comic Book Museum, the first such institution in Poland, is now taking shape in Kraków. It started operations in 2021 in a temporary space consisting of a small gallery and research room filled with books on comic art, historic comics and artefacts related to comic heroes.

Its members have organised comic book exhibitions, including a major retrospective held at the National Museum in Kraków in 2018.

Host John Beauchamp meets Artur Wabik, a visual artist specialising in murals and graffiti. Wabik is a comic book collector, curator and occasionally also a comic script writer. Since 2020 he has been a board member of the Comic Books Museum Foundation, whose collection includes 40,000 items related to the history of comic books in Poland.

You can check out our TFN article on the museum here. Follow Comic Book Museum Facebook page to learn more on prospective exhibitions, workshops, meetings with comic artists and writers, and other events.

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