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Prostitution ring busted by Polish police

Police officers from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBSP) have announced that they have broken up a prostitution ring which allegedly earned its organisers about PLN 90,000 (EUR 20,000) per month.

CBSP officers reported that they had detained three suspects, two women and a man, aged 36 to 60, who have been charged by the Prosecutor’s Office with crimes related to prostitution and participation in organised criminal activity.

Police also confiscated nearly PLN 40,000 (EUR 8,970) in cash, luxury watches and several dozen cell phones.

Pawel Zukiewicz, a CBSP press officer, said that the ring had been running escort agencies out of apartments in Warsaw for several years.

“The women were recruited via, among other ways, internet websites,” said Zukiewicz. He added that gang members had organised the work of the women, provided them with clients and given them protection in return for half the money the women earned.

According to investigators, the ring’s monthly income could have amounted to nearly PLN 90,000. The money was invested in, among other interests, real estate.

Property belonging to the suspects worth nearly PLN 1 million (EUR 224,000) was also seized.

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