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Military Police probe shooting of migrant at Polish-Belarusian border

Poland’s Military Police are investigating the circumstances of an illegal migrant shooting by a Polish soldier near the border with Belarus in the north-eastern Podlaskie province.

The information provided on social media by humanitarian aid activists operating at the Polish border with Belarus was confirmed by the local prosecutor’s office.

Radoslaw Wiszenko, the Bialystok Prosecutor’s deputy for military affairs told PAP on Sunday that the migrant was shot by a Polish Army soldier.

He said that the first findings indicate this was an unfortunate accident and the shot was fired when the soldier tripped.

The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital in Hajnowka.

The documents and evidence secured by the Military Police are to be delivered to the prosecutor’s office on Monday. 

The case is investigated under the military chapter of the Penal Code towards careless handling of weapons and unintentionally causing injury to another person.

Depending on the consequences of the gunshot, the soldier faces up to three years or, in the case of severe injuries or the death of the injured person, up to eight years in prison.

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