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Another Polish volunteer fighting for Ukraine dies

A Polish volunteer, who went to Ukraine to serve in the Ukrainian military and fight against Russia, has died in a Kharkiv hospital after a serious car accident, a Polish journalist has reported on X.

The volunteer, a 49-year-old man, died on Saturday, two weeks after a car accident in which he had been severely injured. 

His death was announced on Saturday by Karolina Batsa-Pogorzelska who had visited him in the Kharkiv hospital.

Batsa-Pogorzelska, who has been in Ukraine since March 2022, has expressed gratitude to the doctors of the military hospital in Kharkiv for their efforts to save the Pole.

Earlier this year, three Polish volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine had been killed and two Poles volunteering on an aid mission in Ukraine had been wounded. 

An unspecified number of Poles have volunteered for active service in Ukraine.

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