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Poland’s retail fuel prices are expected to keep rising

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Retail fuel prices in Poland are expected to increase in the coming days, with the price of leadless petrol PB95 ranging from PLN 6.49 to 6.64 per litre (EUR 1.45-1.49), the fuel-news portal e-petrol said in its weekly report.

Prior to the October 15 general election the government faced accusations that it was exerting influence, especially through the state-owned fuel company PKN Orlen, to keep petrol and diesel prices low to allow interest rates to be cut.

Now the election is over, the influence is no longer needed, so, according to government critics, prices are free to rise. This, however, is disputed by the government.

“In the following week, we expect further increases… as our forecast stands at PLN 6.49-6.64 per litre for 95-octane petrol, PLN 6.52-6.69 (EUR 1.47-1.51) per litre for diesel, and PLN 3.07-3.13 (EUR 0.69-.70) per litre for LPG,” the researcher said.

At the beginning of November the cost of fuelling increased, data showed.

Unleaded petrol 95 has risen by PLN 0.37 (EUR 0.083) over the week and costs an average of PLN 6.47 (EUR 1.46) per litre. The diesel price inched up by about PLN 0.32 (EUR 0.072) per litre, as it is priced at PLN 6.46 (EUR 1.45) on average. Only auto gas maintained the previous week’s price at 3.09 PLN (EUR 0.70) per litre.

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