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Germany, Russia no longer in centre of Poland’s foreign policy

Adam Kumorowicz/PAP

The leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has said that his grouping has rejected foreign policy which was focused on Germany and Russia.

Having criticised the foreign policy conducted by the Civic Platform (PO) government, which held power before PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that it had been focused only on two countries, namely, Russia and Germany, and completely lacked plans to build a union of Central and East European countries.

“This was not only a huge mistake. This was something that caused us damage, that was in the interest of Germany which saw our region as its hegemony, and which was also in the interest of Russia,” Kaczynski said in Kielce, southern Poland, on Sunday.

He made the statement during the presentation of a Kielce PiS ballot paper, on which he will run on a first position for the Sejm, lower house of parliament. Kaczynski will run for parliament for the first time not in Warsaw.

A general election will be held in Poland on October 15.

“We have rejected this foreign policy,” Kaczynski repeated, adding that the opposition, if it won the general election, would surely return to such diplomacy. 

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