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Helix Capital to Instime: How Roman Felik Masterminded Investment Frauds 2023

Roman Felik is a millionaire businessman who conned people out of money to live extravagant lives and buy fake IDs to hide his identity. Rural and underprivileged people are usually mesmerized by the stickers that say “registered in the UK” and “soon-to-be listed at Euronext.” There are always a few unsuspecting people eager to part with their money to con artists, hoping to receive huge returns.

There will be zero returns because fraudsters will use the money to fuel, pay off personal debt, and purchase a set of phony IDs to avoid detection. Helix Global Capital, Swisscoin, and now Instime are just a few examples of the amazingly difficult-to-crack Ponzi schemes for the Eastern European government.

Roman Felik’s Involvement in Helix Capital Scam

By all indications, Helix was a scam. You can discover extracts from the Companies House registry on the “legal information” section of the office’s website. The certificate of formation, which says that it is a private limited liability company (Limited) with the full name Helix Capital Investment LTD, is the document that matters the most to us. The Companies Act of 2006, Article 15, provides that the certificate of formation indicates the nature of the company’s ownership and duty.

The website of this fictitious fund makes it clear that Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov allegedly invested clients’ money in a variety of business ventures, and such actions are in line with the definition of collective investment schemes (CIS), a term defined in Article 235 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

The definition of the phrase “investment firm” states that an organization gathers capital to manage it, generate income, and then provide dividends to its clients.

Helix Capital Investment LTD would have a license from the FCA and be listed in the register if it were an actual investment fund that legitimately raises capital from the general public to implement investment products. They license the company by issuing a regular registration in the Registry of Legal Entities Company House, which is against the Financial Services Act of 2012. As a result, this business is a pyramid and should be trusted only with investors’ money.

More Details About Roman Felik’s fraudulent investment company

The Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and Security Service obtained enough information in 2016 about the Kyiv Helix Capital branch to carry out the three people’s arrests on charges of significant fraud. Since no “investors” in the Helix fraud ever received any money, the three criminals were, in their views, living the high life.

Thirty bank deposits, seven luxury flats, twelve cars, and four cars each were seized. Yet the case has just been resolved in its entirety now. Although under criminal investigation, Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov have continued their swindling and even traveled abroad.

Several criminal and civil cases have been filed against Helix Capital and the three overall. In Ukraine and other nations, Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov are suspected of fraud and other crimes. Yet, they are free to carry on with their task of making as much money as possible from the trusting peasants.

Roman Felik and the Instime scam

Roman Felik created Instime, an MLM Ponzi scheme based on Instagram called Instime. In return for spreading the word about the Instime fraud, it offers to increase the blogger’s impact artificially. Roman Felik (Felyk) hired a few local Instagram stars and organized a press campaign to publicize the swindle. No, there will likely be cryptocurrencies and tokens having MLM qualities. High returns and fantastic prospects are promised.

Roman Felik has many stories to share. In his native Ternopil, he operated an illegal casino. The casino was busted, and the neighborhood criminals lost their winnings. According to the sources, Roman Felik has a debt growing by $10,000 daily. Roman Felik is in debt, not the fictitious investors he conned.

He owes money to mafia members, and they are not obligations that can just be discharged. He needs to develop new con tricks to keep up with the pile. Helix was widely corrupted. Therefore, he created the Instime affair as a replacement.

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Final Thoughts

After an extensive investigation, it has become apparent that Roman Felik has been deceiving millions of people for years, using their hard-earned money to fuel his lavish lifestyle.

The Helix Capital and Instime scams have both been proven to be part of his fraudulent activities, and countless investors have suffered due to his actions. His victims have been left devastated, many having lost their life savings due to his schemes.

Roman Felik’s fraudulent activities have caused untold damage to countless individuals and families. His fall from grace should serve as a warning to others tempted to engage in such dishonest practices and a call to action for the financial industry to protect investors better and prevent fraud.

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