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Ruling party to boycott debates organised by TVN says spokesman

Rafał Bochenek/X

The governing Law and Justice party (PiS) will not take part in any debates organised by TVN, a private television broadcaster, a PiS spokesperson has announced, owing to its alleged anti-government bias.

Rafal Bochenek, on the X platform on Friday, expressed his party’s position concerning the plans of TVN to organise election debates.

“Law and Justice will not take part in the debates organised by TVN,” he said. “This station has proven that it is an active participant in the political dispute in Poland, de facto campaigning on behalf of the political camp associated with Donald Tusk.”

“TVN’s activity has nothing to do with objectivity and accuracy, not to mention journalism,” he noted, adding that “TVN has been involved in politics for years, which is why it has lost credibility.”

His comments reflect a polarization in Poland’s media landscape.

Government figures have routinely accused TVN and other independent media of bias in favour of the opposition. At the same time opposition figures have said that public media, such as TVP, a state-owned television network, have been reduced to propaganda channels for the government. 

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