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ABW to probe recent railway incidents in Poland says security official

"At this moment, we are not ruling out any scenarios," Stanislaw Zaryn said.
Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW), the police and rail companies have launched an investigation into a series of recent incidents on Polish railways, a senior security official has said.

On Saturday, Polish State Railways (PKP) reported that during the night an unauthorised radio-stop signal was sent to trains in the north-western Zachodniopomorskie province. PKP stated that all passengers were safe but several trains had been delayed. 

Earlier in the week, a freight train and regional passenger train were involved in a minor collision, and an inter-city train was de-railed in the north-east of Poland. 

Speaking on Saturday, Stanislaw Zaryn, the deputy coordinator of the intelligence services, announced that the ABW was now involved, raising the possibility that sabotage might be the cause of the incidents.

“At this moment, we are not ruling out any scenarios,” he said. 

“We know that attempts to destabilise the Polish state have been going on for months,” he said. “Such attempts were being carried out by the Russian Federation in cooperation with Belarus, and for this reason we are not underestimating any signals that reach the ABW.”

He said that the incidents had posed no threat to public safety, and that now rail traffic was running normally. 

The involvement of the ABW comes a day after Zaryn asked it to look into an outbreak of Legionnaires disease in the south-eastern city of Rzeszow that has so far claimed eight lives.

This year the ABW also arrested members of an alleged Russian spy-ring that was apparently tasked with carrying out acts of sabotage on Polish railways in order to disrupt the supplies of arms to Ukraine.

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