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Bacteria outbreak in Polish city claims eighth victim

Lezek Szymanski/PAP

The death toll linked to an outbreak of Legionella pneumophila bacterium in the south-eastern city of Rzeszow has risen to eight, a spokesperson for the city’s University Clinical Hospital said on Saturday.

Andrzej Sojka told PAP on Saturday that the man who died was also burdened by other chronic diseases. 

“He was a patient with multiple diseases, including cancer,” Sojka said, adding that tests had confirmed the presence of bacterium.

Health inspectors have been battling to find the source of the bacterium, which can cause Legionnaires disease, a sometimes lethal form of pneumonia.

Tests have been carried out on the town’s municipal water supply system, and the results are due back on Monday.

A disinfection of the municipal water system will take place on Saturday and a rinsing process is planned for Sunday. 

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