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Asians replace Ukrainians on labour market says newspaper

The number of Asians working in economic sectors previously dominated by Poles and Ukrainians is increasing every month, according to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

Asian workers, from countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, are becoming common-place in the manufacturing, hospitality and construction sectors, the paper wrote.

They are taking the place, it appears, of Ukrainians who have either gone home or moved further west.

The latest Eurostat data, cited by the paper, confirm that more and more Ukrainians are leaving for other countries, including Canada, Spain or Germany. At the end of June, over 1.3 million refugees from Ukraine lived in Germany, while in Poland the number fell to less than 978,000.

The newspaper, referring to a report by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, said that Poland is losing the race for immigrants from Ukraine.

The organisation has called for a clear definition of the perspective of the legal status of refugees and for other measures to be put in place (including language and vocational training) that will encourage Ukrainians to stay in Poland.

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