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Truck and railcar collision in Poland leaves 22 injured

KP PSP Płońsk

A railcar has collided with a truck at a railway crossing in central Poland, leaving 22 people injured with four hospitalised.

“The accident happened on an unguarded railway crossing in Dalanowek, near Plonsk, on Friday morning, where an articulated lorry carrying rubble crashed into a railcar,” Janusz Majewski, deputy commander of the State Fire Service in Plonsk, said on Friday.

“After the collision, the truck overturned, and is lying on its side on the railway track. The railcar derailed, but remained on its wheels,” he added.

KP PSP Płońsk

One person who suffered the most serious injuries was taken to hospital by a Polish Medical Air Rescue helicopter, three others were transported to hospitals by ambulances, according to Majewski.

The other 18 people suffered minor injuries and are under the care of paramedics and firefighters, he said.

The railroad where the accident occurred is impassable. The police are on site to establish the circumstances of the incident. 

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