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Russian propaganda may intensify in coming months says security official

A Russian disinformation and propaganda campaign targeting Poland will probably intensify ahead of autumn’s general election, a senior security official wrote on Monday.

Polish officials maintain that the country has become a prime target for Russian propaganda owing to its unwavering support for Ukraine. There are now fears that Moscow will step up its efforts as Poland prepares for the election, which will probably be held in October although the date has yet to be set.

Posting on X (formally known as Twitter), Stanislaw Zaryn, commissioner for information-space security, wrote: “Russian disinformation and propaganda efforts will probably intensify in the coming months. We should expect attempts to influence Poland during the election period.”

Zaryn’s post came in reaction to comments made by Alexander Makushin, whom he described as “another Russian propagandist.”

According to Zaryn, Makushin “defends the threats made by Lukashenko and Putin against Poland, arguing that Poland is implementing an imperial policy targeted at other countries.”

He accused Makushin of “repeating lies about alleged Polish plans to attack Russia, Belarus and Ukraine” adding that by these comments “Makushin makes threats against Poland, arguing that such a policy may end in ‘the division of the state’.”

“This false description of the actions taken by Polish authorities is used by the propagandist to exert information pressure on Poles in the context of the upcoming elections,” Zaryn added. “Makushin hopes that ‘Poles have learned from history,’ and ‘will replace the current government’.”

“The quoted words are yet another propaganda operation referring directly to the upcoming elections in Poland,” Zaryn continued. “Russia is more and more often mentioning Poland’s elections in its propaganda messages.” 

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