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Chemical warehouse fire in western Poland under control, authorities say

A fire in a chemical facility with hazardous chemicals in Przylep, western Poland, is under control and should be contained within hours, Polish authorities have said.

About 200 firemen from 60 firefighting units have been battling with a devastating fire that broke out on Saturday afternoon in a chemical warehouse near Zielona Gora, in the Lubuskie province, with uncontrolled explosions adding to the perilous situation.

Local authorities advised residents in the area to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed to avoid exposure to the toxic smoke.

On Sunday morning a meeting of a crisis team was held in Zielona Gora, attended by Environment Minister Anna Moskwa.

After the meeting, she told a press conference that “As of today, there is no threat to the health and life of residents” owing to “adequate action” by the State Fire Brigade and Volunteer Fire Brigades as well as “the great commitment by the police, the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, rescuers and all services.”

Moskwa also said that once the rescue operation ends environmental analysis will be carried out. In addition, a group will be set up to deal with the removal of the effects of the fire.

The governor of the Lubuskie province, Wladyslaw Dajczak, told the Sunday press conference that “The fire is under control and Within a few hours should be completely extinguished.”

He also said that monitoring equipment consistently confirms no hazard to health.

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