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Russia’s border defense is weak: Russian guerrilla commander

Two Russian guerrilla units entered 42 km deep into the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, controlling some localities for more than 24 hours. To talk about the operation and discuss what it tells us about Russia, TVP World invited Caesar August, Freedom of Russia Legion Commander.

“Our operation had several goals and all of them were achieved,” the commander said.

According to August, his legion managed to defeat the Russian armed forces, show the people in the region that the war is not good for anyone, and get the attention of the media.

“It was a reconnaissance by fire, during which we reached the conclusion that the Russian border is not sealed, it is poorly protected, and current security and law enforcement agencies are not capable of repelling attacks quickly or effectively,” Freedom of Russia Legion Commander stressed.

He also mentioned that his military organization is conducting more military sabotage operations and has increasing followers in Russia.

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