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Belgorod Region population loyal to Russian volunteers: Ukrainian Militay Intel

The population in the Belgorod region, where Russian volunteers carried out the operation, is loyal to them, stated Andriy Yusov of the Military Intelligence (HUR) of Ukraine.

Russian Volunteer Corps enter 42 km deep into the Belgorod region

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Yusov said that information on the possible redeployment of Russian forces loyal to the Kremlin from Ukraine to the Belgorod region was being verified.

As he pointed out, redeploying forces from the front lines was not a quick process and required preparation, the Suspilne website noted on Wednesday.

Yusov stressed that HUR had information on what was happening in the Belgorod region. He argued that panic was being reported on the part of the Russian authorities.

The region’s population, on the other hand, is loyal to the Russian volunteers, according to the Ukrainian intelligence officer.

“The local population really has an excellent attitude toward the insurgents. Great loyalty to the representatives of the Russian Volunteer Corps and to the Russian Legion of Freedom on the part of the population of the Belgorod region,” Yusov said.

On Monday, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion said they had crossed the border and were liberating border towns from the control of the authorities loyal to Moscow. Ukrainian military intelligence noted that the groups were “conducting an operation in Russia’s Belgorod region,” which is “a consequence of the Putin regime’s aggressive policies and the invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.”

Ukrainian authorities assured Monday that they were not involved in military operations in the Belgorod region and stressed that the participants in the incidents were Russian citizens.

On Wednesday, the corps commander reported that the volunteers had entered 42 kilometers deep into the Belgorod region. He added that the most active phase of operations had already been completed, but the operation was ongoing.

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