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Germany should commemorate Polish WWII victims: dep FM

“We pointed out to the German side that in addition to talks about reparations, it is important to commemorate the Polish victims,” Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk reported on Tuesday after his visit to Berlin, where he met with German politicians as part of his campaign to pursue reparations for the losses Poland suffered during WWII.

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“We raised the subject of the monument to be erected in Berlin, dedicated to Polish victims of the German occupation,” the official said, adding that he emphasized during his visit that the works on the monument show a lack of progress.

“I think that this signal has reached many parliamentarians, and I have this conviction that it will also reach Culture Minister Claudia Roth and the work will be accelerated,” he said.

“I hope that this diplomatic activity of ours and encouraging Germany to be more empathetic to the Polish side will cause Germany to proceed much more intensively with the design and construction of this monument,” Muarczyk pointed out.

Asked about reactions to the Polish information campaign on war losses, admitted that “the reaction is mainly surprise and shock, because a lot of people are completely clueless about what German aggression and occupation looked like – especially among Germans, this knowledge is relatively low.”

“German politicians think that the issue has long been settled – that this is not the case,” Mularczyk stressed. “There is no bilateral agreement between Poland and Germany that “closes” the issue of the war.”

The official expressed his hope that Poland’s actions in the field of reparations will slowly bear fruit.”

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