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VR classroom: revolutionizing education

Located in the scenic surroundings of Berkshire, England, Reddam House School is revolutionizing education by allowing its pupils to dive into an immersive metaverse school using VR headsets. The project, led by the Inspired Education Group, is turning lessons into dynamic, interactive experiences, ranging from explorations of the human heart to up-close interactions with a wooly mammoth.

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Using VR headsets, the pupils at Reddam House School can physically manipulate objects, observe them from all angles, and understand their functions in real-time. The pioneering VR initiative aims to enhance pupils’ comprehension and retention by allowing them to interact with the subject matter in novel, engaging ways.

Ioana Dragomir, a science teacher at the school, lauds the transformative effect of VR in education, saying, “The retention is fantastic; once they’ve seen something, they’ll remember it. They can see it from all sides, they can see how it works, they can see the function. And so they really get a deeper, better understanding.”

The “metaverse school” has been developed by the Inspired Education Group, which used the physical Reddam House School as a template for the digital VR school. The initiative aims to bring together students from different countries, making education a global and interactive experience.

CEO of Online Schools, Ashley Harrold, said, “Metaverse School is a digital twin, an exact copy of this [Reddam House] building in virtual reality that brings together students from all around the world to be taught in virtual reality. So 84 different schools in 24 different countries.”

The virtual school was created by merging thousands of images, and the lessons are conducted in front of the digital version of the majestic mansion, which houses much of the school. The Victorian mansion, set in over 100 acres of countryside west of London, dates back to the early 19th Century.

The technology allows students to experience things otherwise impossible or too dangerous in a physical classroom, for example, traveling into outer space and standing on the surface of the moon. Nathan O’Grady, the Project Lead for the Inspired Metaverse, noted the expansive possibilities of VR in various subjects, from instantaneous geographical field trips to historical time travel.

At a time when digital learning is transforming traditional education, this metaverse school could be a glimpse of the future. It certainly got the thumbs-up from the students: 15-year-old Saskia said, “It was really cool; I loved the experience.”

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